Princes Diana Wiki, Bio, Age, Profile, Images, Awards, and Full Details

Princes Diana Wiki, Bio, Age, Profile, Images, Awards, and Full Details : In the world, there are many celebrities out there that we admire, they may be film actors, politicians, social activists whatever we love for their certain qualities, Princess Dian is different from that category, she was one with many good qualities she was the people’s princes.

Beautiful, talented, kind, brave, and whatnot, and most importantly being a member of a British royal Family, she had never been like that, she came out of that image to mingle with common people to know their struggles.

So here in this blog, we are going to know much more things about everyones favorite Princess Diana lets go jump into the blog now.

Princes Diana Wiki, Bio, Age, Profile, Images, Awards, and Full Details

Princes Diana Wiki, Bio, Age, Profile, Images, Awards, and Full Details



Diana Frances Spencer full name Princess Diana, was born in 1961 on July 1st in Sandringham, Norfolk, England, her parents were Viscount John Spencer Althorp, her aristocratic family that was very close to Britain’s Royal family for centuries.

At the age of seven Diana’s parents got divorced Diana was the 4th child of her parents, she has three elder and one younger sibling, Sarah, Jane, John, Diana, and her younger brother  Charles Spencer she went to live with her father John Spencer, her father joined her in a first-class school in that school, but she was not considered an exceptional student.

Diana pursued swimming, dancing, and music, and she was very good at her studies, she was very beautiful, and after completing her studies she started to work at a nursery school as an assistant.


Princess Diana was mostly homeschooled, but as a formality went to study at  Riddlesworth Girls School, but she didn’t go to the university for her higher studies, when she completed high school at the age of 16 she ended up her studies.

Going to high school and completing high school studies are formalities in their family, she was skilled at learning French and Sewing in Switzerland, but she never joined any university for higher studies.

Marriage & Divorce

When she was working at school in that school she attended a party in 1977, she thought that was a normal party where people could enjoy themselves, but she never thought that the party was going to change her life.

She met Charles the eldest son of Queen Elizabeth at that party they became good friends then they started liking each other, and they fell in love after three months of dating they got engaged.


Charles and Diana had thirteen years of age difference when Diana met Charles she was 13 years old and Charles was 29, Charles and Diana got married when Diana was twenty-years-old in 1981 at St. Paul’s Cathedral then the royal family made Diana the Princess of Wales their wedding has been telecasted and watched by over 750 million people.

But due to the extramarital affairs of her husband, their marriage didn’t last for so long  Diana also started dating  Major James Hewitt, and in 1992 Diana and her husband Charles separated from each other and lived their lives as they wished.



The couple was blessed with two sons William 1982 on July 21, and  Harry 1984 on September 15, Charley use to be very naughty while William was very wise and humble to their elders.

The Life as Princess of Wales

After being engaged to Charles Diana became everyone’s favorite in the country, the engaged couple was the hottest topic on newspapers and television in those days.

But they never made a public appearance until they announced their engagement, Charles used to be very lovable to Diana she thought she found a perfect soulmate.


Even the royal family also treated her well as the Princess of the Wale, after their first son William was born the couple went to visit Australia along with their son William.

In Australia Newzealand couple got so much love from the crowd, everyone found that Diana was the perfect meaning of Princess, she was very beautiful wearing a completely priceless smile on her gorgeous face.

On that tour press and paparazzi focused on Princess Diana, she dominated her husband Charles with her immense beauty and smile she was a very pretty woman people we so obsessed with her.

Later Prince Charles and Princess Diana visited many countries, she was not only beautiful but very kind.

Princes Diana Wiki, Bio, Age, Profile, Images, Awards, and Full Details

At the time when she was visiting Harlem Hospital Center, she was talking with people who are out there, then she went to a kid who was seven years old with AIDS but she went to that child she never felt any wrong while she doing it but some of the people found it inappropriate.

Being the princess she should avoid some social activities to do, but then she was being herself.


She realized that being Princess of Wales, she was under pressure as Princess, she learned to be a princess though, and she find it wasn’t her cup of tea, she wanted to do something for the common people.

In 1980 she started working for people who were suffering from HIV AIDS, she contacted physically shaking hands, touching them interacting with them like normal healthy people.


She didn’t find abnormal things so she started working for them to boost their willpower so they could live a bit longer with no regrets and she was the first person from the royal family who came this far to do such things from Royal family.

But the royal family didn’t support at all such charities, she felt disappointed when Queen didn’t respond to Diana’s charity activities but she never stopped helping them.

Landmark Aids Centre was opened by Diana in 1989 in London for people who need treatment for the terrible disease, with proper care for HIV aids patients.

She wanted to live her life as a common person rather than being a princess, so she started to visit hospitals, and schools often to know more about people’s issues and how they are doing.

When she was visiting hospitals she found more health-related problems with people, she wanted to maintain contact with many charities so that she can help people even more better way.

She was the one who signified her focus on people’s health issues in the 20th century shortly after she became president of Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, she started her charities.

She was into more charities than politics and occasions, right after her divorce she declared that she was quitting all charities that she has been doing, but she didn’t stop working with British Red Cross.

Death of The Princess

Even though she divorced her husband people still considered her as their princess, in their hearts Diana will be the princess forever.

Unfortunately, in 1997 August 31 Princess of Our Hearts went to heaven while going in the car with her partner Dodi Fayed in Paris escaping from the paparazzi.

Three of them died in that car accident but the security of Didi who was appointed by his father was injured severely in this accident.


Diana’s death is still a mystery, people couldn’t digest their princess’s death, the world went to darkness listening to Diana’s death news, and many people wished her to come back to them.

The gorgeous kind idol of a human being 36 years former princess of Wales Dina died.

Send Off

When Diana’s coffin arrived in London the crowd was uncountable and unbelievable, her death made everyone feel heartbroken, everyone felt that her family member passed away, and prayed for Diana.

With lots of flowers, people send off Diana, Queen Elizabeth attended her funeral along with her son and Diana’s ex-husband, Dian’s kids walked to her mother’s Coffin, she was buried on an island in Althorp Park.


She lived then in people’s hearts so is now, she is the only princess with zero haters who gained such love and respect for her kindness no one could replace her she will be living in everyone’s heart she was the only one who can replace her own place in people heart forever.