Marilyn Monroe WiKi, Bio, Age, Profile, Images, Awards, and Full Details

Marilyn Monroe WiKi, Bio, Age, Profile, Images, Awards, and Full Details : Norma Jeane Mortenson, thinking whose name is it, is everyone’s favorite American actress the queen of the 90’s Hollywood industry who created the tsunami with her stunning figure and beauty with her outstanding acting skills.

Yes, we are talking about the great 90’s queen of the Hollywood industry, the beauty queen Marilyn Monroe, in this blog we are going to know about all the interesting things about the famous American actress Marilyn Monroe the wonderful actress who did her 30s.

Marilyn Monroe WiKi, Bio, Age, Profile, Images, Awards, and Full Details


The world’s fashion icon forever the one and only Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe, the entire Hollywood is still a fan of her stunning beauty, she was Hollywood’s biggest star and the greatest legend. Norma Jeane Mortenson also known as Marilyn Monroe the future star was born in 1926 on June 1, in Los Angeles California, her mother Gladys Pearl Baker was born in Mexico she use to work as an assistant editor and film negative cutter, for a long time it was not known who Norms real father was.

In Norma’s birth certificate, Glady’s second husband Martin Mortenson was named as her father, but the truth was her mother left him even before she left that she was pregnant.



Glady Baker was hardly a good mother, with her first husband she had her first two children, and later her first husband he took away his two children having achieved custody.

But she later had an affair with a man for a little time and then she had Norma, Glady Baker hardly spent her time with her kids, she doesn’t want to be a good mother by changing kids’ napkins and taking care of them.

She always use to go to parties and have fun in any situation of her life, so many people and her well-wishers advised her to give her daughter someone who could take care of her daughter.

When she heard that therefore Norma’s mother decided to get rid of her two weeks baby girl so that she could live freely and lead her life as a single person, Norma was given by her mother to a foster family she was two weeks old which was a family-type orphanage.

While she was growing up in that orphanage she use to call every woman Mama and every man Daddy, Norma grew up in a very strict and pious family her foster parents were particular about all things.

But Norma’s mother wasn’t completely abandoned her she use to visit her daughter when she got time like on the weekends and whenever she got free time, she fully paid for that fosters family for her daughter’s maintenance.


When her mother comes to visit Norma it gives her immense happiness, sitting with a new person like her mother and spending time with her was the best memory of her childhood.

But Glady was a completely different woman from where Norma was raised, Norma was not even allowed to see a movie her foster parents use to teach her that watching a movie is a sin which lead to her going to hell.

She hasn’t had any best friends in her childhood, there was only one friend which was her dog Tippy, and she was only allowed to be friends with that only dog, when Norma turn seven the dog was shot by a neighbor because the dog was barking often.

Norma couldn’t come out of that incident and she used to cry a lot after it happened, Gladys took her daughter to live with her, But don’t think that Gladys took her child with love, she took her child that wanted to take a home loan for that she used her child so that they can approve the loan quickly, living with a small child can be the reason to get the loan quickly.

With that loan, she thought that she wanted to move near Hollywood, but to take that loan Gladys had to raise her daughter herself, as she moved out to the new house Gladys took another two actors as her guests so that they can pay something to improve her financial situation.

But it was very hard for Norma to live with new people in her new home in her life for the first time, till then she used to live in an opposite world, but then she stepped into the new world where she has to live with her selfish mother along with new people who were completely different from her childhood mentors.


Norma was not a good student in her studies, she was very lag in her studies, but she was interested in other activities like singing, athletics, and learning the English language, once she realised that she’s going to be on screen then she went to the acting school to concentrate on her acting skills so that she can improve in acting.

Early Life

Norma lived in a world where she has been taught that cinema was a sin, but then she entered into a world where her mother and her guests were admiring the movies all the time.

After spending a lot of days with her mother, the time has made Norma realize that there were many different worlds out there in the world to live differently according to their wishes.

One fine day Gladys wanted to show something to her daughter Norma, she called her daughter and started talking to her sweetly, and then suddenly she grabbed an old photograph of a man, and she asked her mother who he is, her mother told her this is the actual and real photo of your father and it is Charles Stanly Gifford.


She took it as an unattainable dream for little Norma when she wasn’t able to get love from her father, and she stayed like that looking at her father’s photo for some time with her, she spend her whole childhood and adult life without tasting the father’s love. It made her look for fatherly love whenever she met a new man out there.

When Norma was eight years old her mother was paralyzed and sent to the clinic for medical treatment, Norma was all alone by herself in her life, but after a few days Gladys’s best friend Grace Micky who worked in the film studio with her took Norma into her custody, eventually, she started loving that little girl and treating her like her own daughter.

The hard days of life

Grace the woman who raised Norma after her mother was hospitalized, insisted on her becoming an actress, so many people think that for Norma it was an accident becoming an actor was false.

Grace took her to show filmmaking as she works in the studio, Grace made her an actress everyone felt happy about that but young Norma wasn’t so happy about becoming an actress.

But all thought Norma hadn’t completed her sad life yet, Grace married a man who already had a daughter with his first wife, and gradually they started experiencing a lack of money. Her husband pressurized Grace to hand over Norma to an orphanage.


When she was eleven years old Grace’s husband agreed to bring Norma back to the home as he got the new job and now capable to take care of her.

One day he was fully drunk and came home, he went to Norma’s room directly and tried to rape her, after Grace found that situation she blamed Norma for her behavior and Norma went to depression as she hadn’t gotten support from anyone that she was expecting.

But after a few days, Norma went to her great aunt’s home, and then she was forced to maintain an intimate relationship with her cousin she refused it and run away from that home to escape from that filthy relationship.


At the age of 16 Norma was unable to lead her life in a good way, she was facing difficulties so she wanted to go away from the orphanage again, in 1942 June 19 Norma married her neighbor James Dougherty who was five years older than her, she was already dating him though, they divorced in 1946.Marilyn-With-her-first-husband

In 1954 Marilyn Monroe got married to Joseph Paul DiMaggio, who was a baseball player, but it didn’t last for a long time after nine months the couple got divorced in 1955.


In 1956 on June 29th she married Arthur Miller who was a literary agent in Waccabuc but divorced inĀ  1961.


Actress Monroe

As we all think that Norma went through difficult times in her life, she was sexually assaulted by many people, and becoming star has never been easy for Norma in her life.

In a Radiopalance company, she got a job in there, in 1944 a photographer David Conover who was sent by the U.S. Military airforce to click motion pictures, he came there to click some photos of female workers and fortunately, he saw young Norma.

He was attracted to her beauty and he suggested Norma as a model for a modeling company, she left the company in 1945, she wanted to become an actor and she contacted the photographer David Conover to work with him.


The idea of becoming a model was not to gain happiness for Norm’s husband, but she felt that was a good way to build her career, she consulted a famous modeling agency Blue Book and signed a modeling project.

Later Norma started featuring in Magazines and commercial ads, people loved her figure, her hair was curly and black but for her modeling career, she decided to straighten her hair to look more beautiful and also she gave makeover to her hair by coloring it black to blonde.

With that makeover, she became even more stunning than ever before, 1946 Norma was one of the most popular and hardworking models, after appearing on the cover pages of 33 magazines she became a popular model in the industry.

But for her modeling career, she wanted to continue as Monroe, after she got huge success in the modeling industry in 1946 she interviewed for Paramount Pictures, and then Ben Lyon screen-tested her for 20th Century Fox and they choose Norma in that screen test.

Then Lyon found the name Monroe dull, so they decided to give her a unique screen name then they found the name Monroe which was her grandmother’s name and they added the name Marilyn and it became Marilyn Monroe, they made a contract with Norma with 75 dollars of payment.

But as she became famous in her film career her husband was not satisfied with her as an actress, he always wanted a big family but Norma was not convinced with that idea she wanted to act in movies.

So they wanted to be apart and got divorced in 1946, even though she was famous she didn’t get any full-length offers, and she used to play only two supporting roles in films.

As she doesn’t get good offers in movies she waited for so long to get opportunities to step back into the movies but she wasn’t wasted her time during that waiting period.

When she entered into the film industry she thought being pretty was not enough to prove her talent so she wanted to work on many other things like dance, vocals, horse riding, and many other useful arts which can make her a star.

She thought that being able to do anything would only give you good opportunities to succeed in life she was done so much hard work for build up her career.

In 1953 Monroe acted in three Big movies, then she became one of the sex symbols of Hollywood, she was very good at acting with her stunning performance she got many other film offers.

Death of Monroe


Due to health problems, she was hospitalized for few times, when she was in her last days she moved to live in 5th Helena Drive, and one day she went to her room, Eunice Murray was her housekeeper at that time she stayed that night to take care of Monroe.

August 5th, 1962 she went unconscious, not opening her room door, Murray knocked on Moroes door but she wasn’t responded, Murray got scared and called Monroe’s doctor Greenson and told him that she was not getting any response from Monroe.

Greenson arrived at that place at 4 am and entered Monroe’s room by breaking the window glass, but that was too late, 36 years old Monroe left the world ,she already passed away by then.

The doctors confirmed the death time for Monroe between 8 pm to 10: 30 pm and also confirmed the cause of death was poison which was accidentally overdosed, when she died many phone calls and many letters were sended by her fans even from every corner of the country to know the actual cause of her death.

She was buried on 8th August at Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetry, the legendary actress who dreamed of their mistress, who gained so much love and affection from audions was buried very sadly.


With a few of her close friends and associates were there while they buried Monroe, and her ex and 2nd husband Joe DigMaggio attended, Monroe’s half-sister Berniece Baker Miracle, attended her burial.

But the place was surrounded by her fans, with a huge crowd, the actual death cause was still a mystery for many people and fans of Monroe, some people think that she was killed by someone.

Still, Marilyn Monroe is the icon of sex symbol and everyone has a love for her, her movies and her outstanding performance mesmerized the audience.

After her death many controversies were raised that she was murdered by someone who hates her for being super famous, after that many officers ran investigations but no evidence was found behind her mysterious death, it remained as an accidental death.