Queen Victoria Age, Husband, Children, Interesting Facts

Queen Victoria Age, Husband, Children, Interesting Facts

Queen Victoria Age, Husband, Children, Interesting Facts : The great Queen Victoria, who doesn’t know this name, the one who created and unique ear for about 63 years in her governance, Queen Victoria was the queen of the United Kingdoms (U.K)

We all know about Queen Victoria, though we have many other things that we are going to know about this Courageous lady about her childhood wedding kids the era that she created, and many other interesting facts about Queen Victoria.

Queen Victoria Age, Husband, Children, Interesting Facts

Queen Victoria Age, Husband, Children, Interesting Facts
Queen Victoria Age, Husband, Children, Interesting Facts



Queen Victoria was born on 1819 May 24 in the UK, her full name is Alexandrina Victoria she was born at Kensington Palace in London, she was the mother of nine and also call her grandmother of Europe too, she was the empress of India.

Her mother Victoria of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld was a German princess who barely spoke English, after her husband Prince Charles of Line England passed away she married another one who was a Jew in Kent he was the father of Queen Victoria.

But Victoria didn’t spend her childhood with her father when she was eight months old her father passed away in 1820 January leaving a huge debt on her wife, and Victoria never knew what the father’s love was.

Victoria would spend her life searching for a father figure, she had no brothers and sisters, and even her father left her when she was 8 months old, she got all her mother, and she led sorrowful childhood she led and elementary life.

Sir John who has been the Duchess of Kent’s advisor Sir John Conry was mean to Victoria’s family, she imagined him as a villain in her life, she was a very calm kid in her childhood.

She use to like outings to the theaters but never had a great and happy childhood her mother was not friendly with her so Victoria was grown up with lonely feelings.

She had the company of her dearest governess Baroness Lehzen, they both use to collect dolls to spend their time together but still, Victoria felt lonely, Victoria use to spend her lonely time writing many stories, she only had two best friends in her life her companion Baroness Lehzen and a dog Dash her little friend.


Victoria’s mother appointed a tutor for her daughter when she was four years old to teach her, she completed her basic education with her teacher Reverend George Davys, he was a very humble man with lots of patience so that he could take care of her daughter’s education.

He taught Victoria till the queen achieved the throne, and her mother appointed a music teacher as well, gradually, Victoria showed interest in arts like drawing, she was good at drawing.

Early Life

She ruled in a century of revolutionary turbulence that crossed other European monarchs’ thrones, she was a legend and still, she is, she formed some intimate relationships with those around her, but some were conventional and some were not.

But she maintained her long-lasting relationship with a pen until the last days of her life, she was one of the most popular prolific diarists in the 19th century, and whatever thought came up in her mind she use to put it down in her diary.

she had the habit of writing information about whatever happened in the world and also her family matters, diplomacy death, political issues, or could be anything she used to put down in the diary.

Coronation of Victoria


After spending her childhood as a lonely child she entered int the actual stage of her life, the crowning moment arrived, she was crowned in 1838 on June 28 in London, London roads were crowded to see the new Queen Victoria.

People were anxious, and Victoria was nervous to be in front of a huge crowd of people for the first time, till the moment she suspended her life as a lonely kid in her palace with a few members of her family and her companion Baroness and a dog Dash.

But for the first time on the occasion of her crowning ceremony, she made her first appearance in front of the people of her empire, she felt nervous but she just looked at the people who were cheering up for her with excitement and happiness she managed herself to be brave in front of all, finally Victoria crowned as Queen.

Victoria as The young Queen

Queen Victoria Age, Husband, Children, Interesting Facts
Queen Victoria Age, Husband, Children, Interesting Facts

After being crowned, people eagerly waited for the new queen to reign t a fresh era, but they underestimated her as she was a girl, she decided to do things in a good way she wanted to do all good for her people and her country.

‘I shall do my utmost to fulfill my duty towards my country, I am very young and perhaps in many, although not all, inexperienced, I am sure that very few have more real goodwill and more real desire to do what is fit and right than I have in her diary, Victoria wrote these lines

She depended on Lord Melbourne and some ministers she made some mistakes in her reign of the second year, even though she had many good intentions she admitted herself it was her mistake depending on the ministers and other advisors.

Queen Victoria treated Melbourn as her father he was 40 years elder than him, she obeyed every word of him, and he had been the primary and most trustable advisor of Queen Victoria he also depended on another person her uncle Leopold these two men were her mentors in giving advice to Queen Victoria.

Melbourn and Victoria developed a good friendship bonding, but people spread rumors that they both had a romantic relationship, queen victoria was devastated by these rumors, and she couldn’t take those rumors she treated him as her father but those rumors were fake.

Fell in love with Albert


There was a cousin of Queen Victoria from her mother’s side he was Prince Albert from Germany, Albert and Ernest were brothers so they came to visit Kensington Palace along with Leopold who was their uncle he was king of the Belgians.

When the families met after planning a visit since they were born, finally the time arrived to meet brothers to their cousin Queen Victoria when she met her close prince Albert she was mesmerized by his stunning looks, he was so handsome, she decided to marry only Albert.

She also thought that he would be her companion to fulfill her royal duties, so she exposed her proposal to her elders for her love and they granted her permission with love to get married to her cousin German Prince Albert.

So she proposed to Albert in 1838 October 15, she got the acceptance by him and she felt that she was dancing in the mood, she imagined her future with the love of her life Albert, she wrote this moment in her diary that Oh how I adore and love him, I cannot say.

Wedding of Queen Victoria


After he confessed her love for her handsome cousin Albert they headed to the wedding, they got married in 1840, and she wanted to show herself to people Albert wanted to publicize their wedding so that could be seen by each and every people in London, she made her up like a normal bride for the wedding.

She wore a white frock which was designed for her wedding she selected that instead of royal robes, and headed to the Chapel Roayl which is in St James’s Place.

It was the first royal wedding that created a trend in public, and after three days after they got married they went on a short honeymoon at that time she felt that she was the happiest person on earth she manifested her wedding with her cousin Albert.

Life After Marriage

Albert was a perfect husband, the marriage with Albert changed Victoria’s life, they became pregnant for the first time in 1840, and there was no measure of their happiness, she suggested to take rest as she was feeling unwell, Albert took the duty of helping in the fulfilling the royal duties, while she carrying she couldn’t be there for people so Albert helped her and he became private secretary of Victoria.



The couple gave birth to their daughter in a difficult way,  and Albert Queen Victoria gave birth to another eight children after Vicky was born.

  1. Vicky -1840.
  2. Alber Edward- 1841.
  3. Alice-1843.
  4. Alfred-1844.
  5. Helena-1846.
  6. Louise-1848.
  7. Arthur-1850.
  8. Leopold-53.
  9. Beatrice-1857.

Queen Victoria and her husband Albert were very fond of their children, they were adorable thy took the strong decision to raise their children by providing a good education, and the parents always used to spend more time with all of their children.

Albert has been a good father to all of his kids, he never disappointed them, and he mingled with their kids to play like a kid along with them, and they were a happy family with lots of love and affection.

The Charge Of Albert

While Queen Victoria was busy raising her kids she thought that she wanted to allot some royal duties to her husband Albert so that she could spend more time with her, and shared her responsibilities with Albert, gradually he took the power of the royal empire.

After Victoria’s adviser Melbourn the prime minister passed away, Albert found that her dearest friend and old governess has been taking care of victorias reign, but her husband didn’t like that Victoria’s one and only friend and her childhood companion stepping into their life as her wife’s adviser, so he wanted her to back Germany.

After Victori’s two backbones left her all alone with her husband Victoria eventually started depending on her husband, so the royal empire totally went under Alberts’s control.

The Exhibition

Albert was not only a husband, not only a father but also an intelligent and smart man, he was interested in industry, trade, art, and science, Albert organized an Exhibition in 1851, which was greatly successful, from all over the world over 100,000 exhibited in this great exhibition.

The exhibition was a huge success at that time they exhibited the world-famous wonderful Koh-i-Nur diamond many people fell in love with this diamond it is the most expensive diamond in the world.

Victoria was very proud of her husband Albert for his achievements in the country, she started admiring him even more than before, the exhibition made her attractive so use to visit that exhibition for three months.

As they exhibited the whole attractive things from all over the world it has been a world tour for people who never visited other countries in their lifetime till then, and the exhibition had been visited by approximately 6 million people by the time it had ended it took the special place in royal history.

Albert’s Death

While Queen Victoria led a happy life with her nine kids and a lovable caring husband with a lot of his achievements made her stand in a high place in the royal empire.

Shortly the couple went under many circumstances, and eventually, they started experiencing losses, she couldn’t digest that her husband is suffering from these issues.

But suddenly one day she was devastated by her mother’s death news, but it wasn’t finished after a year again she went to the grief, the love of her life, the man who stood there for her, the man who gave the adorable kids with the happy family he husband left her all alone.

Albert was ill and passed away 1861 December 14, the whole royal empire was in huge grief, and at the age of 42 Queen Victoria became Widow after losing her husband.

It took a lot of time to come out of this grief, again she became lonely so she wanted her children to spend their time with her so that she could help come out of her husband’s death, she never let the children feel like they lost their father.

After her husband passed away the queen never dressed up well, the stopped wearing all the pretty jewelry, and she completely lost herself with her husband’s loss.

As the queen was away from public life she wasn’t close to the people and their problems, and people started she was unfit for responsibility, people were unhappy with the queen’s presence.

Gradually she lost her confidence to be in front of people made her a person with no respect for people and made her cry alone, she never had the privacy to cry alone her kids use to be surrounded she never wanted to show her grief to their children.

The People Who Helped The Queen in Her Grief

When she was thinking that she lost everything with her husband’s death she went to the great depression and people’s disrespect made her more than worst,

She had a Highland servant who was a plain speaker John Brown, and he made the queen feel well in those situations he was very kind to her and help with her treatment as a woman but not as a Queen, with his presence she slowly got started feeling herself recovering.

She became very close to him this thing made the other royal family members feel terrible, but they were ignored by Queen Victoria, just she needed emotional support so John Bown was there for that.

And later on, she made her another favorite servant a man Abdul Kareem from India was a teacher of Urdu called one of the Indian languages.

Abdul attracted her with his low profile and humbleness, she started admiring this man but this time also the royal household found it inappropriate, people were mean to her, but she never cared about them she know what she doing so kept going in her own way.

Back To The Form

After spending all her lonely years and losing many important people in her life she wanted to be concentrated on the development of her empire, she became strong and started her original reign.

People gradually started realizing that she was not only just a mother and a woman she was beyond that she was more than a woman and a powerful Queen.

She ruled the country with her own wings until her reign ended she was there with the aim of promoting her empire, and she started expansion promoting her empire.

She covered almost half of the world like large parts of Africa, the whole Indian subcontinent, and of course colonies in the Caribbean.

Empress Of India

In 1876 India honored Queen Victoria with the title of Empress Of India, on May 1, she was very obsessed with India she never visited though.

Grandmother of Europe


Queen’s children gave birth to 42 grandchildren, she build another empire with their grandchildren, so people call her Grandmother of Europe.

Last Wishes of the Queen

As she started falling ill she wished for something to be done if she died, she obsessed with lockets, and rings and asked to place her husband’s Dressing down in her coffin, also she asked her casts of the hands which she customized when her children’s childhood.

Most importantly she asked to not reveal the picture of John Brown, she also wanted his hair to be locked in her hand in her coffin, so we couldn’t find any photography of John Brown till today.

Death of Queen Victoria

As become older she became very weak and she couldn’t even walk so she used a wheelchair, became very thin, she started getting blind but she never quit the habit of writing things in her diary.

She wrote her last words in Dairy on 1901 January 13,  as she become even weaker her grandchildren reached her empire to take care of the queen, but unfortunately, they were unable to take care of her they lost their grandmother in their arms.

At the age of 81 (1819-1901), she left the world, on 1901 January 22, the empire went into heavy grief with the queen’s death after achieving so much, each and every person of the empire lined up to say goodbye to their Queen.

Funeral Of The Queen Victoria


She passed her orders her funeral should be in a simple way but not with disrespect, as she wished each and every family member of her family to attend her funeral.

With lots of grandchildren and her children with respect for people in her empire, she was buried in the royal Mausoleum at Frogmore, she buried beside her husband Albert’s grave.