Malala Yousafzai WiKi, Bio, Age, Profile, Images, Awards, and Full Details

Malala Yousafzai WiKi, Bio, Age, Profile, Images, Awards, and Full Details

Malala Yousafzai the name doesn’t need any introduction to the world, she a 17 years old girl who fought against the Taliban of Pakistan, and she raised her voice in the United Nations for every girl’s education right, the youngest female education activist in the world who fought for education rights for each child in the world, especially for females in Pakistan, a very youngest person to receive the Noble Peace Prize in the world and she’s the second Nobel Peace Price Laureate in Pakistan history.

Parents & Childhood

Malala Yousafzai was born on 12th July 1997 in Mingora the Swat region of Pakistan, her family was lower middle class, and she was the first child of parents Ziauddin Yousafzai and Toor Pekai Yousafzai, also she has two younger brothers Khushal Yousafzai and Atal Yousafzai, Malala was extremely fond of studies, she always loved to study, her parents would never feel sad to rise a daughter in a country like Pakistan because growing a daughter in Pakistan is not the easiest thing ever in the history.

Malala Yousafzai WiKi, Bio, Age, Profile, Images, Awards, and Full Details

Ziauddin Yousafzai raised her daughter Malala with all of his love and care, he provided all the things a boy would have, her father Ziauddin Yousafzai was a teacher, he use to teach in girl’s schools and also use to run plenty of private schools for girls to provide the basic education in Swat Valley in Pakistan, though her mother uses to be a normal and orthodox person in their family who never went to the school in her childhood she uses to be very religious and innocent in her family., lack of education her mother would never understand why Malala is fighting so much for education rights in this young age.


Voice For Education Rights

When Malala was around 11 years old the situation in Pakistan was very terrible, beautiful Swat valley was occupied by the cruel Taliban, women got discouraged from getting an education, and life under the Taliban would be hell on earth, there was no chance for girls to study in schools not even go to the shopping at the local markets, Taliban use to treat girls very cruel, eventually, Malala understood the situation and started fighting for female education rights, she approached United Nations to fight for Female education rights for each child and female in the world.


When normal children use to refuse to go the school Malala raised her voice bravely when she was 11 years old for every child in Pakistan to let them study accordingly to their wishes, and many of the people of Pakistan supported her to get their right to study in Pakistan peacefully.

The Taliban Attack

Officially Taliban banned girls to go to school to gather, 2009 when Malala was 12 years old she use to write blogs for BBC under the pen name Guell Makai, her writing was very deep and thoughtful, and her blogs attracted everyone on BBC they got shocked how could an average 7th grader write so deeply, New York Time made a short documentary about her.

She publicly campaigned for girls to go to school, and then she won Pakistan’s first national youth peace prize at a very young age, that popularity made her stand in the spotlight, sparking the Taliban to target her, she never thought that it could be a dangerous mark in her life.


After she got so much attention from every corner of the world for her blogs on Female education and many other education-related pieces of stuff Taliban decided to kill Malala

On October 9, 2012, Malala boarded the bus from school to home by completing her physics exam being busy discussing with her friends about the next Exam, and suddenly someone stopped the bus and asked who is Malala, the girls on that bus scared.

The gunman raised his voice by asking them to tell him who is Malala otherwise they will all get shot by us, the girls got very scared and the Taliban recognized Malala and shot her with one bullet on the left side of her face a couple of girls got hurt along with her in that shooting, she fell and her neck placed on her left shoulder with that one bullet shot, 15 years old poor Malala went unconscious she doesn’t know what happens in that place. Taliban attacked her because she spoke up for the 30 million girls around the world who can not get an education which is not at all a bad thing, by putting her life in danger she took the stand for the world’s education, and in return she got shot by heartless Taliban.

Those two girls who were wounded at that time with Malala, Shazia Ramzan, and  Kainat Riaza were conscious enough, immediately press and media reached the spot with the help of Pakistani cops, and the two girls explained everything the media happened at that place.

Treatment and surviving

When Malala got shot by the Taliban remaining people of that spot would never think that Malala would be serviced in her life again, they all thought that she was going to die, but luckily she was airlifted by the military to take to the military hospital in Peshawar in time, her left side of the face was fully got swelled and there was no another way rather than to open her brain to treat internal damage to take out the bullet, doctors took the risk to save Malala’s life at any cost, successfully they removed the bullet from her head, they spend 5 hours of critical hours in surgery to treat Malala.


2 days after the attack, the doctors discussed and decide to move Malala to the Armed Forces Institute of Cardiology which is in Rawalpindi for better treatment, they said that there was a 70% chance that she could survive if they could treat her in a better way, but some of the ministers of Pakistan decided to move Malala to get even better treatment to survive from the danger.

When Malal came to a stable condition from spending a long period of coma on 13th October 2012 to travel to Germany for treatment she was not alone, top doctors traveled with Malala to take care of her in Germany, Pakistan announced that the government of Pakistan will bare each penny for the treatment of Malala.

You won’t believe it if I say that, doctors from every corner of the world came forward and offered their services to treat Malala, then right after 2 days doctors took her to further treatment In the UK(United Kingdoms) in Birmingham, England, doctors started treating her in Queen Elizabeth Hospital, and within a week of time on a fine day 17th October Malala started responding to the treatment very well then many things happened but at some point, she started feeling infected and gotten worst, the doctors started work on the infection one more time finally she went under 9 hours of surgery nearly about 9 hours to correct her facial nerves, she battled with this trauma up to 3rd January 2013, so many people in the world prayed for her with pure hearts.

After a long battle, she came out of the hospital, as she lost her hearing ability in her left ear doctors performed another ear surgery to implant a cochlear implant but in previous treatment due to many complications doctors had to remove 96% of her facial nerve she shared so many things about Taliban attacks and the surgeries that she had the journey after treatment.


After all, these things happened, Interior Minister Rehman Malik of Pakistan pressured Pakistani higher officials of the police department to arrest the man who shot Malala, to punish him, and the investigation started but the man escaped to Afghanistan to hide from Pakistan, later police caught the remaining Taliban who participated in that attack, the cops gathered information about the gunman who shot Malala, his name was Atta Ullah Khan, he was not only a Taliban but also well educated a chemistry graduate from a popular university from Pakistan.

Six men who got arrested by police for involving in the attack on Malala were released after some time because there were no shreds of evidence found by the police they were the exact people who were involved in that attack.

In June 2018 US source confirmed the man who was behind this attack Mullah Fazlullah was caught and killed by a U.S. Afghan air strike the whole group of Taliban people involved in that attack were sent to prison and sentenced to a lifetime prison by the Judge.

Studies & Career 

After all the incidents and bad phrases of her life, Malala started her studies in 2013 march, she continued her studies in Birmingham till 2017 July at Edgbaston all-girls high schooling in London, she completed her religious studies too, and also completed her PPE graduation at Oxford University this is the educational background of Malala Yousafzai she completed her studies with love and respect she never gave up in her education to fulfill her dreams at any cost.


The Day Of Malala

For the first time after the attack and recovery from it, she has been invited to the United Nations to share her life story and the services that were done for the children who are not able to study in the world, her 16th birthday, for the first time on the meet of united Nations, she spoke that everyone should get their access to get a good education.

The day was declared Malala Day when she spoke at the United Nations on 12th July 2013, she felt very happy to achieve what she wanted, always worried about education and children people who couldn’t get an education in their life.


She spoke that the Taliban only aimed at her life but not at her aims in her life, they never gonna kill her aim and ambitions she said in that meeting,  she gained what she always wanted and what she fought for, she said that each and every child in the world need to study and only education can change the thinking ability of every human being to a colorful society, even Taliban’s children need education there should not be gender bias in education system, everyone needs education after the speech every single person of the United Nation meet appreciated Malala Yousafzai with a standing ovation.

She gained so much love and huge respect from each corner of the world at a very young age so many people took her as an idol of life to fight for the right they need.

 The Honour of Nobel Prize

Young 17 years old Malala Yousafzai was honored with The world’s most precious prize Nobel Peace Of Prize, she was a 17 years girl who raised her voice for the education rights of every child and female, and the journey took her to stand for the ideas of the Nobel Prize, and the world believes that she deserves this Prize for her contribution for the education of every child not only in her own country but also for the world.


Her parents felt very happy to receive the Nobel Peace Prize, they feel proud of their daughter to be a young Nobel Prize laureate, she is the 2nd Nobel Prize Laureate to receive it after Abdus Salam who received it in 1979 was a Pakistani theoretical physicist, only these two people honored with Nobel prize till date in the Pakistani history.

Personal Life and Marriage

After she completed her education received many awards and represented many aspects, this 25-year young education, and human rights activist finally got married to Asser Mallik, in 2021 on November 9, in her early life she said that she was confused about why people get married, but when she found the right person she married him.


She said that forceful marriage and child marriages are offensive, we should get married when we feel that we found the right person to share our life now I found the person who understands me supports me and loves me, and cares about me the most.


Asser Malik the husband of Malala Yousafzai, is working for Pakistani Cricket Board at present, he organizes cricket matches for Pakistan, and he is the MD of a player management agency in Pakistan too.  Not only Asser Malik but also Malala is fond of cricket and many other sports and many other activities too.


Asser said he’s so lucky to have Malala as his life partner, and he’s feeling proud and loved to continue this auspicious journey with Malala, she’s very kind and also a friend who supports him a lot to give his best, and they expressed their love towards each other in a respective way.