Barack Obama WiKi, Bio, Age, Profile, Images, Education, Awards, and Full Details

Barack Obama WiKi, Bio, Age, Profile, Images, Education, Awards, and Full Details

Barack Hussein Obama, also known as Barack Obama took control of the U.S. after 230 years, and 43  presidents served as the United States 44th President in United States history, American history created another level of history when Obama became president of the United States, he became the president of land who 2 former presidents who were brutally killed by American people when they fought for equality between white people and black people of America.

People of the United States were respectively voted for him as their 44th  president also he was the unit, he gave his word to the U.S if he became the President of the United States he would introduce the health scheme and will end the chapter of Osama Bin Ladin, as he gave his word right after becoming the president of United States he fulfilled his words

Barack- Hussein- Obama
Barack Hussein Obama


Childhood Photo

Barack Obama was born on August 4, 1961, in Honolulu Hawai, unfortunately by the time Obama was2 his parents Barack Obama Sr. was an economist in Kenya was an American anthropologist and his mother Stanley Ann Dunham were separated, 1966 his mother remarried and moved the entire family to Jakarta Indonesia but after 8 years when Obama was 10 he returns to Hawai to live with his grandparents.

Barack Obama WiKi, Bio, Age, Profile, Images, Education, Awards, and Full Details


Well, Obama graduated from Harvard Law School from Columbia University in 1983 he was a bright student in his studies and also he went to Law School in 1988 he worked as the president of Harvard Law School reviewer, int that law school he was the first American president, he gave his best in it when Obama was studying he was enthusiastic to achieve something in life after he completed his graduation he moved to Chicago to become a community organizer for low-income residents on the south side he thought that the good way of studying is the only power to achieve anything he wants in the world.


When Obama was in an internship in 1988 he fell in love with Michelle Robinson she was born in 1964 in January in Chicago her parents were Marian Robinson, and she was his mentor at that time,  fell in love, and they became a very good couple during that internship program, later on, Obama married Michelle in 1992.

Michelle Obama


Barack Obama and Michelle Obama gave birth to their first child MaliaAnn Obama in 1998 on July 4, and then her younger sister  Natasha Marian also known as Shasha Obama was born in 2001 on June 10th, The first daughter of the former President of the United States is currently busy shining her director life yes she wanted to become a film director and shes being busy with those works, coming to the younger daughter Shasha Obama completed her graduation.

Malia Ann and Sasha

Journey to The White House as President of the US

He decided to do what he wanted to do so there was only one way that he saw politics that he stepped into politics he had to elective politics, after that in 1996 Obama won a seat in the Republican-controlled Illinois state Senate the journey continued for 7 years until 2004, he conducted many campaigns.

In 2000 he started his first move for the U.S congress, but unfortunately, he lost to Bobby Rush who was the incumbent representative with a 2-to-1 that was a tough run though.

But he didn’t stop his political career he came back even more powerful than before he was getting ready to go to give a speech that even he didn’t know that the lesson going to change everyone’s mind at that time, Obama went to U.S Senate to give the outstanding address and he gave high profile keynote at the democratic national convention.

Then the hall was filled with applause, people who sat in their chairs at that convention were cheering for Obama, they loved the massage that he gave in that convention, he said that we are not red states and blue states we are purple, in that moment people were decided that Obama was the perfect personality to become the p[resident of U.S, he won that senate race with large popularity.

After that, in 2007 there was a declaration came out that this freshman senator was running for president of the United States at that time Hillary Clinton was the opponent of Obama, and he won the nomination, Obam said that choice in the election is not between the regions, religions or genders but it’s about the past versus the future.

Barack Obama WiKi, Bio, Age, Profile, Images, Education, Awards, and Full Details
Recieving Nobel Peace Prize

Obama won the general elections in 2008 by defeating the Republican candidate John McCain, and we know the rest of his history, in 2009 January 20th Barack Hussein Obama was sworn in as the 44th president of the United States.

Right after 10 months, he gave shocked that he won the Nobel Peace Prize for his services and for representing his country in a good way, Tracking down Osama Bin Laden and killing him with the military was one of the best and most extensive histories and achievements of the US history.

He was elected as the president for the 2nd time in the U.S. in 2013, he continued his service until 2017 January 20.


  • Harold Washington Award in 2008 for Congressional Black Caucus.
  • Time Person Of the Year Award in 2008  For TIME Magazine.
  • Phoenix Award in 2008 for Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Incorporated.
  • Chairman’s Award in 2005 for NAACP.
  • Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 for the Norwegian Nobel Committee.
  • Grammy Award in 2008 for National Academy of Recording Arts and Science (Dreams From My Father)
  • Award for Oustanding Literary Work Nonfiction in 2007 for NAACP.
  • Transparency Award in 2011.
  • Time Person of the Year in 2012.
  • Ambassador of Humanity Award in 2014.
  • Make it Loud Award in 2017.
  • Robert F. Kennedy Ripple of Hope President Award in 2018.
  • Tribute to International Women’s Day in 2021.
  • Emmy Award for Outstanding Narrator in 2022.


 Obama is not only an idol for Ambassador of Humanity, in reality, he is the one who made it true in his real life as well he achieved many honorable awards in his political life and also a few more achievements for his service to his country.

  • Barack & Michelle Obama Elementary School.
  • Barck Obama Charter Elementary School.
  • Barck Obama Elementary Schools.
  • President Barack Obama School Publick School 34.
  • Barack Obama International Studies.
  • Barack Obama Male Leadership Academy.
  • Magnet secondary school for Boys is located in the Oak Cliff of Dallas.

One More Time as President of the United States

After 2009 when he was elected as the president of the United States then in  2012 he was re-elected for the 2nd time as well as the president of the United States it created history in the United States, and he reflected strongly for the second time as the President of the United States.

Then he worked on Chemical Weapons in 2013 against this use of chemical weapons he left his mark on it, we know how served the United States as the 44th and 45th President of United States History.

He stood for women who were fighting for equal pay for women, he legally protected the women in this fight and considered it as a primary issue in the nation, he also worked on many aspects such as bailing the struggling auto industry, providing a tax cut for working families, he did such things for United States Obama is one of the best idol for humanity in the world intelligent and kind personality as well.