Salesforce Plans to Bring Onboard 3,300 New Employees Following This Year’s Workforce Reductions

SALESFORCE is hiring 3,300 people across departments, marking a new investment after it eliminated 10 per cent of its workforce in a restructuring earlier this year.

“Our job is to grow the company and to continue to achieve great margins,” chief executive officer Marc Benioff said on Thursday (Sep 14)in an interview at the company’s annual conference in San Francisco. “We know we have to hire thousands of people.”

The pool of new hires will be roughly equally split among sales, engineering, and those working on the company’s data cloud product, chief operating officer Brian Millham said. “We have some very successful parts of our business right now, and we want a surge in those areas.”

Salesforce is betting that interest in artificial intelligence will fuel a new cycle of tech investment, particularly in its data cloud product, which helps customers organise information from multiple sources. It announced earlier this week that existing clients will get to use some capacity of data cloud for free.

The San Francisco-based company, the top maker of customer relations software, is trying to reduce expenses, boost profit and revive revenue growth. Investors have backed the company’s efforts, sending shares up 65 per cent this year to Thursday’s close.

The new hires restore 40 per cent of the headcount that was slashed in January, when Salesforce said it would eliminate 8,000 jobs amid an effort to boost profits. But executives have said further strategic cuts may still occur. The company reported it had 70,456 workers at the end of July.

Many of the hires will be “boomerangs” or people who worked at Salesforce before going to a different company, Benioff said. Attracting boomerangs is a new success metric for the company, he added.

Benioff said he’d recently hired senior workers from Snowflake and Twilio who previously worked at Salesforce. During the company’s annual conference in San Francisco this week, Benioff said he held an “alumni event for people who are employed in other companies to say – it’s OK, come back”. BLOOMBERG