Sensor Fusion Engineer Nanodegree

[Free Download] Udacity – Become a Sensor Fusion Engineer Nanodegree 2023

Download and Become a Sensor Fusion Engineer Nanodegree by Udacity 2023 for free with Google Drive Download Link. Learn to fuse lidar point clouds, radar signatures, and camera images using Kalman Filters to perceive the environment and detect and track vehicles and pedestrians over time.

Free download Udacity – Become a Sensor Fusion Engineer Nanodegree course

Who is Sensor Fusion Engineer?

Sensor Fusion Engineer detect obstacles in lidar point clouds through clustering and segmentation, apply thresholds and filters to radar data in order to accurately track objects, and augment your perception by projecting camera images into three dimensions and fusing these projections with other sensor data.

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ESTIMATED TIME: 4 MonthsAt 10 hours/week

PREREQUISITES: Intermediate C++, Calculus, and Probability



Why take this Sensor Fusion Engineer Nanodegree program

The Sensor Fusion Engineer Nanodegree program will teach you the skills that most engineers learn on-the-job or in a graduate program – how to fuse data from multiple sensors to track non-linear motion and objects in the environment. Apply the skills you learn in this program to a career in robotics, self-driving cars, and much more.

What You Will Learn in Sensor Fusion Engineer Nanodegree program?

Sensor Fusion Engineer

Learn to fuse data from three of the primary sensors that robots use: lidar, camera, and radar.

PREREQUISITE KNOWLEDGE for Sensor Fusion Engineer Nanodegree program

You should have intermediate C++ knowledge, and be familiar with calculus, probability, and linear algebra.

  • LidarProcess raw lidar data with filtering, segmentation, and clustering to detect other vehicles on the road.LIDAR OBSTACLE DETECTION
  • RadarAnalyze radar signatures to detect and track objects. Calculate velocity and orientation by correcting for radial velocity distortions, noise, and occlusions.RADAR OBSTACLE DETECTION
  • CamerasFuse camera images together with lidar point cloud data. You’ll extract object features, classify objects, and project the camera image into three dimensions to fuse with lidar data.CAMERA AND LIDAR FUSION
  • Kalman FiltersFuse data from multiple sources using Kalman filters, and build extended and unscented Kalman filters for tracking nonlinear movement.UNSCENTED KALMAN FILTERS

Sensor Fusion Engineer Nanodegree program includes:

Real-world projects from industry experts

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Technical mentor

Get a knowledgeable mentor who guides your learning and is focused on answering your questions, motivating you and keeping you on track.

Personal career coach and career services

You’ll have access to career coaching sessions, interview prep advice, and resume and online professional profile reviews to help you grow in your career.

Flexible learning program

Get a custom learning plan tailored to fit your busy life. Along with easy monthly payments you can learn at your own pace and reach your personal goals.

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