J.K. Rowling Wiki, Bio, Parents, Age, Images, Books & Awards | Full Details

J.K. Rowling Wiki, Bio, Age, Profile, Images, Books & Awards | Full Details

J.K. Rowling Wiki, Bio, Age, Profile, Images, Books & Awards | Full Details

Do you remember that every 90’s kid’s favourite series? undoubtedly Harry Potter, yeah I agree there were many other series too, Harry Potter is another kind of emotion though.

I know, so many of us knew that the series was a visual wonder, and people fell in love with this wonderful series, wonderful is not a suitable word to define this precious series because this wonderful creation is beyond it.

J.K. Rowling Wiki, Bio, Parents, Age, Images, Books & Awards | Full Details

Yes, we are talking about the famous author and well-known philanthropist in the world J.K. Rowling, this humble person is famous for one of her famous novels Harry Potter.

J.K . Rowling is the famous writer of the Harry Potter series, she is a famous celebrity author who got more fame and earned more money than any other author in the world, she’s not only famous for her books and also famous for gaining a huge fan base in the world for Harry Potter series.

J.K.  Rowling Bio:-

She has written and released her book Children’s Fantasy in seven volumes, her book was published in 1997, and it has continued up to 2007, each and every word of this book has created the best thing in our favourite Harry Potter series and we know what happened after releasing the Harry Potter, it has released globally and got so much love and support from each and every audion of the world,

Especially we can say the novel is still one of the best books in the world, it has been translated globally into 80-plus languages, and she also wrote her very first novel The Casual Vacancy in 2012, it also got enough love from the world.

And this is the time to praise our wonderful author of Harry Potter, who has inspired our childhood with lots of harry potter memories, in this blog we will know about the famous writer J.K. Rowling and her life story.

Joanne Kathleen Rowling also known as J.K. Rowling, is a famous Author, Anne and Peter gave birth to J.K. Rowling in 1965 on July 31st in Bristol’s hospital, this pretty woman is the beautiful daughter of Peter and Anne, mother Anne use to work as a Science technician in the Chemistry lab at Wyedean, Rowling’s father was an amazing aircraft engineer at the famous Rolls Royce factory.

J.K. Rowling’s Childhood & Education:-

J.K. Rowling spent her childhood in South East Wales and England, she completed her schooling and college Wyeden School and College where her mom used to work. she also completed her B. A and minor in classics in 1986 at the University of  Exeter.

J.K. Rowling's Childhood Photo

In childhood little Rowling always wanted to become a good writer, at the age of 6 she started participating in writing competitions, and always use to read a bunch of good books to improve her writing skill, after we know how good books she wrote, Rowling got inspired by her favourite teacher Lucy Sheperd, who taught the importance of the structure and precision of writing.

Rowling use to be very shy and calm but she was very intelligent with many good skills and amazing imaginary power, but Rowling’s life was very complicated every day by her illness and a strained relationship with her father, she never had a teenage life. She use to write adult novels but she never published them in the market.

The Thought of Harry Potter:-

After she completed her graduation from The University of Exeter, after some days she started working at the international Amnesty which is in London when she was travelling on the train in 1990 the train got delayed by 4 hours from Manchester to London.

She got the idea of writing a book about our favourite Harry Potter a boy attending a magic school in her imagination, eventually, she started characterization of each and every character of Harry Potter then she started working on the novel to take this novel to another level.

J.K. Rowling Wiki, Bio, Parents, Age, Images, Books & Awards Full Details

She took time and many risks in her life to complete the Horry Potter Novel, when the novel was in process JK lost her mother, and the incident took her down, she stopped writing the novel, and later she moved to Portugal from London she started working as an English teacher and for 2 years in Portugal.

J.K. Rowling’s Personal Life:-

JK Rowling has been married to Portuguese journalist George Arantes from 1992 to 1993,  but after 1993 she got separated from him due to domestic violence in her married life she had a baby with him, her name is Jessica, Rowling suffered as a single parent for many years after she lost her mother, she committed suicide at the age of 27.

But things got better for her daughter’s sake she wanted to live after many years again she got married to Neil Murray who is a famous doctor, the life goes on, she went to her sister’s home and started leading her life by receiving the unemployed fund from the government, and later she started Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

J.K. Rowling Wiki, Bio, Parents, Age, Images, Books & Awards | Full Details

It took literally 5 years of time to complete her first novel Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, she never stopped her journey with this single book and we don’t need the after story.

She got rejected 12 times to publish her Harry Potter Novel in the market, but she never gives up, she used to meet the publishers often to publish her book at any cost, later one fine day the company Blooms Bury accepted to publish her book in the market, but when the book got published once then it created a super sensation in the world.

Now this is one of the best books in the world which sold out 500 million copies globally, and also this book got picturised by the globally famous company Warner Bro’s Pictures and it changed the history of Harry Potter single day the books were adapted into Hollywood films.

She got so much popularity along with a huge money by writing Harry Potter, and with the money she helped many charities.

J.K. Rowling’s Books & Awards:-

She wrote many books but she got many awards, especially her love for Harry Potter was unconditional that she got for Harry Potter, she received

  • British Book Award as a children’s book award children book of the award.,
  • Scottish Arts Council Award,
  • Carnegie medal,
  • The Whitbread book award,
  • Nestle Smarties Books Award

and many more, after Rowling received a huge money she moved from her apartment to a house at 19 Hazelbank Terrace in Edinburgh, and later the novel became the most popular one and Newyork times best seller.

Life Lessons We Should Learn From JK Rowling’s Life

In our life, we feel very bad and low even for simple things we often get hurt even though we have everything, but Jk Rowling never give up even though she lost her mother when she failed in married life, she took the stand for herself to survive in the world for her daughter, and the strongest decision has changed her entire life, so we have to be creative like her at any circumstances, we have to search for the solution in multiple ways rather than feeling sad for that.

When a train journey by JK Rowling changed her, why not ours? we should try our best in each and every aspect to lead our life colourfully like JK Rowling, we should be courageous all the time and lead our life completely and uniquely in this world, never give up on our passions and dreams to achieve what we dream for.

Today JK Rowling owned 15 international awards and has huge respect for her struggle in writing World famous Harry Potter series, she completed more than 1 dozen novels, and 7 Hollywood Films. After many years of struggle, JK Rowling turned into a multi-millionaire a few days after publishing her novel,

Britain’s Prince Charles honoured JK Rowling with The Order of the British Empire Award, and she was the first billionaire Woman in the world in 2004 and the 1062nd richest woman in the world, she published her last and seventh Harry Potter Book which is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on 2007 July 21 in the United States.

In the first 24 hours, the book got sold out with 8.3 million copies globally and created a huge record for Harry Potter History, still the all series and books of Harry Potter are a wonder in the world’s history.


JK Rowling is not only an author and philanthropist but also a mother, a successful woman in the world, a social worker, and the first richest lady author in the world.

She has also done many social services, she donated money to many charities from her income from Harry Potter, moreover, she’s a down-to-earth personality beauty with a brain, well-educated, a mother, and a successful lady in the world.

The woman who managed to get out the poverty and become the highest-paid author of the millennium, Rowling paid tribute to her mother for the success of the book series, JK Rowling’s Biography could be one of the most inspirational stories in the world for every single person, we could learn many good things from her life.