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Chetan Kalia Wiki, Bio, Age , Profile, Girlfriend, Images | Full Details- Chetan Kalia was born to Parveen Kalia in the town of Rupnagar, in the Indian state of Punjab. Chetan Kalia by profession is a producer and a promoter. He is the successful owner of CK Digitals, Musitube Pvt ltd.  He did his schooling at the Netaji Model School, Rupnagar, and completed his bachelor’s degree in Multimedia. After the completion of his bachelor’s degree, he started a music production company in 2018.

About Chetan Kalia-

It was after passing year 10th only that the desire of becoming successful hit him. The financial constraints forced him to change his board from CBSE to PSEB and this was the time when he realised the importance of money and fame. By the time he passed his year 12th, his eagerness to open up his own business and to do something in life by his own took over him. 

Before joining the entertainment industry he did the jobs as well. He used to buy and sell the mobile phones during year 12th and after completion he did job in call centre at 6000 per month. From this job he was able to buy a bike after doing the long shifts of 10-12 hours. From there he learnt the patience and learnt the anger management skills. Then he joined Mlm Company Corprate infocom and acquired the position of team leader in just one month. From there he got the confidence in stage performance. It was while working in this company only that he realised the scope of Domain and Hosting and started doing the blogging by his own and left this job.

Chetan entered into music production industry through his music production company, Musitube which was incorporated in June, 2018.

Later in 2019 he launched his digital company CK Digitals, which deals with the digial promotion of albums and music videos. Musitube has produced several popular albums and music videos in the Punjabi Industry. It has approximate 40,000 subscribers on youtube now. Till date ,10 songs has been produced under its label. Some of the popular songs are-

  • Bewafa Song by Masha Ali with 4.9 Million views
  • Yarrian by  Deep Virk  with 3.7 Million Views 
  • Nal Mere  by Sukh gill with  2.4 Million Views
  • Hello Friends Chai Peelo by Nasha with 1 Million views

Instagram Accounts :-  

  • CK Digital :-
  • Musitube :-
  • My Personal :-
  • Projects as A Producer in Musitube :- 

Bewafa Masha Ali –







Big Projects promoted By Company :- 

  • Ik Gera Guru Randawa…
  • Guru Randhawa – Black 
  • Pu diyan Yaarian – Sharry Maan
  • Zindigi Di Paudi – Miland Gaba 
  • Neat Daru :- Raman Kapoor and Miland Gaba 
  • Phulkari :- Gippy Grewal 
  • Khanjar 2 :- Masha Ali
  • Bewafa :- Masha Ali
  • Adnan Sami :- Tu Yaad Ayea

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